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Heart Guided Life, Walking with Adam

Meet the version of you who is living the life you never thought possible! Available in Paperback and eBook. “Keep only what is worth carrying on your back. Leave…


Book Excerpt

Ramshackle Sweet Ramshackle

From Chapter 2 – Crawling Day 29 – Blankets left at my door by kindhearted people are the only layers separating me from the plunging night temperatures. The stench of homelessness saturates the sheets, permeating my dreams. A never-ending theater with the same…
Book Excerpt

Meet Adam

From Chapter 1 – What Goes In… Eventually Gets Out June 23, 2016 at 11:21 am PST / I’ve connected to a version of me who is living the life I never thought possible. Being held captive within, the man I wish I could be. He is living the life I never…
Book Excerpt

Absolute Faith

From Chapter 2 – Crawling Day 0 – September 4, 2016 at 6:00 am PST / The last morning in a bed I can call my own. I have no idea where or, in what, I’ll be sleeping tonight. There are no more tomorrows to cling to, this is happening. I remove the blankets and…
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Heart Guided Sounds


"i am exactly where i need to be i need to be exactly where i am"

Exactly Amy Steinberg You are Exactly where you need to be! This song is ALL about the lyrics… then add Ms. Steinberg’s powerhouse voice and you get something that shakes the ground. If you are wondering if you are on the right path, Exactly…

All this clatter between my ears

The Ladder Andrew Belle Here’s a song that no matter what shit the day brings always sends my spirit soaring. The lyrics are up to self-interpretation but the melancholy yearning Mr. Belle croons against the high-vibe background gets me bouncing with pure…

Clinging to your late-night courage

Driving Through a Dream Andrew McMahon Okay, I’m a romantic but please don’t tell anyone. Driving Through a Dream by Andrew McMahon sweeps you up in a melodic journey of twin flames colliding in one magnificent burst of light. Staring out…