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1 year ago
'I'm the Father I Wish I Had Growing Up': Man Who Grew Up In Foster Care Adopts 3 Boys

Barry Farmer is now a father to three boys, due largely to his own experience growing up in foster care, which steered him towards adoption.

1 year ago
No One Cheered For This Student As He Received His Diploma - And It Was Beautiful

Jack Higgins approached the stage to receive his high school diploma with his hands over his ears to block what he thought would be applause and cheers.

1 year ago
Best friends with "the same soul" swear they're twins

Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland may have their differences, but they are closer than close

1 year ago
How Rwanda Became the First Low-Income Country to Provide Eye Care for All — in Just 5 Years

I see....

Just 19.8% of the population have access to electricity, but everyone can access eye care.

1 year ago
An unprecedented legal victory for indigenous rights in Ecuador frees up huge swath of Amazonian rainforest from gold mining

Be kind to our planet.

On October 22nd 2018, the Kofan people of Sinangoe in the Ecuadorian Amazon won a landmark legal battle to protect the headwaters of the Aguarico River

1 year ago
Local Church Pays Off Medical Debt For Nearly 2,000 Families

A church on the right path.

A church in Wyoming, Michigan, has paid off the medical debt for nearly 2,000 families.

1 year ago
100-year-old man and 102-year-old woman tie the knot after a year of dating

Please tell me I don't have to wait until I'm 100 to fine true love.

These centenarians show it's never too late for love after meeting at an assisted living facility.

1 year ago
After 12 Years of Waving to Students From Her Window, Watch Her Reaction to 400 Kids Saying Goodbye

This 88-year-old woman is finally retiring from her daytime hobby of waving to local youngsters – so the kids made sure to give her a proper sendoff.

1 year ago
Prayers of drowning teens answered by boat named Amen

A pair of Florida teens who nearly drowned at sea had their prayers answered when an appropriately named  boat called Amen came to their rescue. Tyler Smith and Heather Brown, both 17, who att…

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