Check out these selections if you want to feel spirit dance inside of you. My favorite tracks by artists who have gifted the world with Heart Guided Sounds.

IMPORTANT: These inspired artists are not affiliated with Heart Guided Life. This collection is solely intended to provide a resource to music that has inspired me, made me cry, and makes me dance. If you click the link and purchase the track, Heart Guided Life receives a minuscule referral fee.

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Exactly Amy Steinberg You are Exactly where you need to be! This song is ALL about the lyrics... then add
Album Cover, Andrew Belle, The Ladder
The Ladder Andrew Belle Here’s a song that no matter what shit the day brings always sends my spirit soaring.
Album Art, In The Wilderness
Driving Through a Dream Andrew McMahon Okay, I'm a romantic but please don't tell anyone. Driving Through a Dream by
Saturn Sleeping at Last From an album of songs inspired by the planets in our Solar System. This musical dynamo,
Human Rag'n'Bone Man “Human” is a song expressing the angst of the human condition and the inability of humans to
High Hopes Panic! At The Disco “High Hopes” is about seeking your dreams without hesitancy and seeing those dreams come

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