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Ramshackle Sweet Ramshackle

From Chapter 2 – Crawling

Day 29 – Blankets left at my door by kindhearted people are the only layers separating me from the plunging night temperatures. The stench of homelessness saturates the sheets, permeating my dreams. A never-ending theater with the same nightly feature showcasing a neglected life.

The dream repeats. I am frantically packing a house full of things into one bag with only minutes before departure. Running after a plane in the air. I wake myself from this labyrinth. After the freezing cold cradles me back to sleep, the scenario replays. Pack, rush, chase. Over and over. By the grace of God, the cities change preventing me from going mad.

Morning. I take a deep breath, exhaling into the air, watching how far my breath lingers. Three seconds. Not too bad, it’s warmer than yesterday’s seven seconds. I prepare to crawl from the warmth that outlines my tucked-in body. Shrouded in blankets, struggling not to shake, I heat water for some tea. I’ve run out of money, no coffee.

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I am amazed by what our bodies can handle, the force of will and determination that can be conjured when we believe, when we have Absolute Faith. No matter how difficult my days or lack of sleep, I am driven by a force with their foot on the gas peddle.

Having only used what was in front of me, I created a home for Adam and me. From outside you know a proud man lives here. Proud of what he is given and only needs what he can carry on his back.

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