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Heart Guided Life, Walking with Adam

Meet the version of you who is living the life you never thought possible!

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“Keep only what is worth carrying on your back. Leave, and let me guide you.”- Adam

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Divine wisdom or rantings of a lunatic?

Day 182 – From working for the rich and famous to living in a shack. I’m exactly where I belong. Why? Because what fool believes the ramblings of an inner voice with the name Adam who promises to put an end to all his problems and Guide him to the unimaginable – I do.

Since Adam’s command to leave and only keep what I could carry on my back, a work exchange in the Northern California mountains has been a training ground. There are no spas, temples, glorious meals, or praying. I’m pissing myself at night because it’s too cold, wearing wet clothes, and lugging logs on my back. When God wants you to wake up, you’re not showered with wine and eucalyptus, you’re kicked out on the street and told to have Absolute Faith. I’ve discovered humility in minimalism. I’ve been shown the future of our world. I’ve faced every dark corner of my spirit and have risen to find my-Self.

Now, as I look back over the pages of my journals, this is no longer my story. This is about someone whose life was spun into a chaotic frenzy of highs and lows fueled by layers of untruths. And, that guy is long gone.

Whatever Adam is, or isn’t, the unworldly Guidance that flows through my fingers has helped me reclaim the man I knew existed all along – the king, the warrior, the prophet. But, didn’t I mention? Adam is an asshole. Six months later, I find out this was all a setup and… even the benevolent doesn’t do anything for free.

From Chapter 2 - Crawling Day 29 – Blankets left at my door by kindhearted people are the only layers
From Chapter 1 - What Goes In... Eventually Gets Out June 23, 2016 at 11:21 am PST / I’ve connected
From Chapter 2 - Crawling Day 0 – September 4, 2016 at 6:00 am PST / The last morning in
From Chapter 3 - Nourishment Day 102 – During my morning walks, I stop by the redwood fence where the
From Chapter 4 - Learning to Walk Day 141 – The tranquil waters of the trickling creek have swollen to

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